Re:legacy addon problems in Firefox 72

Hello Mozilla Forums members,
let me preface:“please refer me to the appropriate Mozz Forum if this is the wrong forum for my topic”…

I am in need of advice for Mozilla Firefox v 73 browser on my PC;I have noticed since Moz FF Quantum browsers have switched to WebExtension format addons after FF v 57 (??) and would like to know how i may allow an “XPI” format addon to work in a FF Quantum browser without the browser deferring to a WebExtension addon preference(this quantum browser is forcing to use a WebExtension format addon instead of the XPI format older addon version!!)??

I have had good luck with XPI addons on other Windows NT HDDs without WebExtension forcing itself as primary addon format but am having issues on another HDD that has yet to only allow Chrome CRX file format addons to work properly on my PC Chrome browsers…(!!!)

Thanks in advance for your help and solutions to this FF older version addon issue!!