Recording with headset on Fx Mobile not possible

I’m trying to record sentences with Firefox Mobile Beta (my default browser) and my headset but unfortunately the voice does not get recorded. It’s just silence during the playback.

If I’m using the internal mic it works just fine, also playback and review of sentences work.

Using Chrome on the same device with the same headset to record sentences works fine, too.

Any idea how this happens and how to fix this?

Device Pixel 3, Firefox version 94.0.0-beta.2 (Build #2015839051)

Thanks in advance!

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Hey there! Thanks for your report, could you submit this as an issue at GitHub? :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the link, I created the issue:

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Maybe this function is disabled (for whatever reason) in the beta.
Try the latest regular (non beta!) of Fx mobile…

That would be a very interesting design/configuration choice.

As I said, the access to the headset microphone works on other pages, e.g. onlinemictest.

I also tested it with the stable Fx Mobile (93.2.0 (Build #2015839747)) and the behavior is the same: onlinemictest works, common Voice doesn’t


Do you gave Fx mobile permission to access your mic in android settings?settings/apps/Firefox

Recording without headset in Fx mobile on Common Voice site works?

As I said, the mic works with different pages just fine and common Voice works fine with the internal mic, just with the headset it doesn’t work.

With Chrome mobile, the headset works. So it’s in my opinion and test results a combination of Firefox Mobile and the headset.

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is what i found…

Also possible:
Installed additional apps for blocking mic lately?
Latest update messed up bt?
reset bt/wifi
factory reset

Also post on pixel support forum.

ps: i am not on pixel, this is wild guessing from my side
Hope that helps :grinning: