Speed Dial bookmark recovery

Any SQLite browser should be able to recover your bookmarks.

I used a free, portable app called SQLite Database Browser (portable version available).
Portable version: https://download.sqlitebrowser.org/SQLiteDatabaseBrowserPortable_3.12.2_English.paf.exe

  1. Install app
  2. Run app
  3. Open your Speed Dial sqlite file in the app
  • …on Windows is located:
  • …C:\Users[your_windows_username]\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles[random_text].default\FVD Toolbar\db_sd.sqlite
  1. Right-click ‘dials’ under Tables
  2. Choose Browse Table
  3. Click the Floppy_on_Paper icon (next to the printer icon)
  4. Export as CSV and save it someplace
  5. Open the CSV in any spreadsheet

A quick pivotable on ‘group_id’ will organize them by the tab they were on, if needed.


The extension blocklist protects against thousands of malicious installs including those that might be lurking on a user’s system. Disabling it is not to be done lightly, and certainly not for an extended period of time.

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at least they can let people use it to save all their favorite links…

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i try it ,but it now working well, facing issue on bookmark recovery

I don’t have this database or the FVD folder at all? :frowning:

Same situation, no mention of FVD in Mozilla folders.

Hi All, I don’t use FVD Speed Dial, but I believe it stored data in your currently active profile folder. To open that folder, you can use a button on either the Troubleshooting Information page or the about:profiles page. This article has more information:


However, I don’t know the folder path to look for.

Unfortunately, the directory doesn’t exist for me :frowning: