Any good/excellent replacement for discontinued FVD Speed Dial

We have been using FVD Speed Dial with the Firefox browser for some time now (3-4 years) and I have discovered that it went thru some rough spots the last 2 or 3 weeks, requiring us to reinstall those highly used speed dial at least 3 times – only to have it crash a few days later. I then went into Firefox add-ons side and found it got discontinued due to some sort of security violations. I then removed this formerly great app and tried to find its replacement and finding none. So, since Firefox had removed this app without notice or warning, how about letting us former FVD Speed Dial user know of any excellent or good replacement for this discontinued FVD Speed Dial app??

Thank you,
SR Koopman


Our Recommended Extensions program contains a variety of add-ons that meet Mozilla’s add-on policies and provide excellent quality to users. This also includes Tabliss, see for details.

Author of Group Speed Dial here. Search no more :smiley:

It has a bunch of options so you will be able to customize it to look and work pretty similarly. And you can import your FVD backup.

And even though it’s not part of the Mozilla Recommended program (yet?), one of my other addons is and the author (me :slight_smile: ) is a real Friend of Addons :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: .

Oh and it has a free Cloud dials page that works on phones, free synchronization (including thumbnails) and it’s 100% privacy friendly because I don’t share any data with any 3rd party. :warning: No shady stuff happening on my watch. :warning:
And if you want to support me :slight_smile: , there is a Pro version with bonus features.

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Tried this night almost a dozen of add-ons with the same approach. Tabliss is definitely NOT a valid replacement for FVD. Nor is sideberry or SpeedDF, Speed Dial by Mark Lummert, Speed Dial2.
The best alternative I’ve found is Group Speed Dial - it has an import function for FVD backup files (if you have one), but the import quality is poor and the add-on has a lot of issues.


I agree that Tabliss Speed Dial is NOT a Good one at all as all it does is to show a photo of a dog out in the woods(?) with nothing more in options. That was the first supposed replacement I tried but I finally had to reject that. Will try Group Speed Dial app later on today. Thank you for your advise.

SR Koopman

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