Removal of obvious spam ratings?

Today, my two addons have each received three 1-star ratings. These ratings for both addons where placed by the same 3 people and each people has rated the addons at almost the same time.
See here the ratings from “Alicia Albertine”, “AnaisF” and “RottSteuf”:

“RottSteuf” has left also a comment for both addons, which however makes no sence.
I can flag the ratings from “RottSteuf” as spam but even then, the 1-star rating still counts.

How can I get completely rid of these falsely 1-star ratings which obviously are spam or maybe some kind of personal payback?

Regards, Tensai

Edit: Now they are 4 identical 1-star ratings on both addons.

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Hi Tensai,
in this special case, I sent you a private message.

Hi Dietmar

Thanks for your words in your private message, but you might have missed the point.
My Addons have a very specific use and thus also a very limited user base. NZBLinker had only 1 rating before today, NZBDonkey had 8 ratings before.
Suddenly today, both Addons received within hours 4 identical 1-star ratings from the same 4 people. Coincidence? Certainly not. Because each of these 4 people rated both addons at almost the same time, there where probably no humans behinde these ratings and if, they at least did not even bother to test the addon. Therefore this was most probably either some spam rating attack I was unfortunately involved in or some kind of personal attack against my addons to bring the rating down. In both cases there must be a way to remove such ratings, which obviously are spam or malicious. Mozilla should also take care of their addons developer and help them in fighting such threats. That is what I am asking for.

Regards, Tensai