Reps Council Elections H2 2021 Result Announcement

Hi, lovely Reps!

Thanks to everyone who stepped up and nominated themselves for this round of Reps Council elections. We received four answers to the Q&A before the deadline. One submission, unfortunately, came in long after the deadline. Therefore we did not consider this candidate.

With four open spots and four eligible candidates, we consulted our election guidelines and decided not to go ahead with voting. We are happy to congratulate the following Reps who will serve a 12-month term in the Reps Council:

As for the next steps, the new Council members will start the onboarding process. More details here:

For any feedback, questions, or clarifications about elections, don’t hesitate to write to the Peers:

Have a great day or a resting night (depending on where you find yourself in this fantastic world)!

From the Council and Peers,


PS: Thanks for your understanding of this delay. Was just a personal issues on my side with workload.

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