Reps of the Month - February 2018

Please join us in congratulating Ziggy Maes and Anthony Maton, our Reps of the Month for February 2018!


Ziggy is a long time Mozillian that is involved in organizing our presence at FOSDEM or managing the volunteers at the Mozilla Festival. Together with Anthony he started working on both finding speakers for the DevRoom but also to be sure we have a good presence at the booth too. This work was spread around 3 months so we are definitely grateful for their effort.


Anthony is pretty fresh in the Reps role but he has been a Mozillian for a long time now. Part of he Belgium community, he engages with the Francophone community at the same. His latest big effort was organizing Mozilla’s activities at FOSDEM together with Ziggy, both the call for speakers for the DevRoom and our presence at the booth during those two days.

Thank you Ziggy and Anthony, keep rocking the open Web! :tada: :tada:


Thanks for all your great work, FOSDEM was indeed greatly organized!

Quick note: the portal will say “April” for now, will be changed next week, as is not merged yet :wink:

Congratulation :tada::tada::tada: Ziggy and Anthony :tada::tada::tada:

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Wow this is awesome news! Congratulations to the both of you. I’ve watched so many of the FOSDEM talks via your exhaustive efforts. It can’t but help leave me with a sense of pride of what you achieved.

As a neighbouring community, please reach out to me if Mozillians in the UK could support and amplify your good work in future.

Many congratulations to Anthony and Ziggy!

I know of Ziggy’s brilliant and inspirational talents through working with him on MozFest for several years - thank you!


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Congrat’s Ziggy. Keep up the good work.

Well deserved, congratulations Ziggy and Anthony.

Well done Ziggi and Anthony, congratulations!!!

QA Mozilla Hispano Team Responsible

Congrats @Ziggy! We are proud of you sir. See you at Mozfest :grinning:

@Ziggy reached out to me to leave a quick note as he currently has some problems with his Discourse account. He wanted to thank all people involved for this recognition, he really appreciates it. Also, he’d like to thank for all congratulations.


I would like to add myself to those congratulations. I have been fortunate to work for and with Ziggy at MozFest and can testify to his hard work and commitment to the event. He is among the great leaders we have at MozFest who not only provides direction as to what needs to get done, but also makes sure we are still in one piece (just about) at the end of the weekend.

I have yet to have the chance to meet Anthony, but I hope to one day - always good to meet and chat with people from across the global community. FOSDEM is on my Mozilla bucket list!

Keep doing awesome work to broaden the reach of Mozilla’s mission!

Cheers and keep it up!