Reps Resources Application is open. Apply until 6th of May!

(Rizki Kelimutu) #1

Hi all,

Are you passionate about empowering your community through resources? If yes, then this is your perfect chance to get involved more because we’re going to have another cycle of Reps Resources Training.

As a reminder, Reps Resources are Reps that are trained to help communities and Reps plan strategically how they use resources. This will ensure that resources (budget and others) of the program are used in the most impactful way and according to the guidance provided by Mozilla’s strategy and the Council. In order to be a Rep Resources, there are 3 requirements:

  • join a special training (planning for impact, how to run activities, etc)
  • organize at least one impactful zero-budget initiative
  • have all of their previous Bugzilla bugs closed

Please fill out this form in order to apply. Please also note that you have to allocate time for the training (ideally 2 hours per week for 3 weeks). So bear that in mind before you apply.

Should you have any questions about anything, please reply to this thread or shoot me an email.

Kind Regards,