Request/Brainfart: Complete Browse History Search Addon

(Asmael666) #1

Once again, i just came across this one really annoying issue…

I remember reading an article some days ago. I remember some exact words, phrases and names used in this article. But the google search did not return the page in question, and i have neither the time nor the will to manually reload and search through every single page of my last week’s browsing history.

The tool i’d like to have right now is a full-text search pluging that allows me to search the complete content of all the pages stored my browsing history. meaning: i enter the search terms in the “history search plugin i wished to have” - and every single page of the last (e.g.: seven) days of my browsing history is reloaded automatically and it’s content will be searched for the terms i entered. this search does not have to be fast, there has to be no parallel loading of dozens of pages (and thus no unintentional dos-attacks), just reload one page after another, nice and slow, and spill the results fifteen or even thirty minutes later. or maybe, to prevent abuse, limit the speed to one page every five seconds, meaning max 720 pages per hour. in an more advanced 2.0 version, the reloaded pages would be archived and indexed for further and/or refined searches. but well…i guess, you get the picture… any thoughts on this?

(YFdyh000) #2

I recently saw a new add-on for this purpose in AMO or github, but could not find it for now.