Request : Disable tab title changing/blinking

Good evening. I do not know where to post this request. Please indicate me the correct place if this isn’t it. I’m able and willing to remunerate anywhom would answer my request.
I’m very sensitive to things moving/changing in my peripheral vision, and on many, many websites there will be ads that will make themselves the most obnoxious possible to get your attention, including quickly changing the title tab. It’s insufferable. There are several addons that let one rename tabs, but even those that do work will only change it once and not prevent further changes, if they don’t make it change even more, faster. I’m not looking for anonimity in the tabs name, but stability, so ideally the initial tab title would remain. Surely there is a limited amount of ways for a webpage to change its title once it is fully open and loaded, so I’d like to request an addon that disable all of these. Please and thank you. - Ljisa

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I’m severely annoyed by this too so I’m planning to write an add on when I get the time, perhaps over summer. Never written an add on before but hoping it’s not too hard.

These StackOverflow threads have examples of how to modify a DOM property so that page scripts can’t effectively change it, and/or to watch for and revert changes, from the most basic to the most elaborate: