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I wrote on the review page how great your extension is but that I had one type of tab that would not retain it’s changed name - you wrote back asking:
Or is it something along the lines of “localhost:3000” ? I have not tested in on localhost files, so I would appreciate it if you give me an example URL.

It is indeed localhost type - there are two, one I enter as
and the other with my network address to the device

They last through a session. If I reboot Firefox, it looks as if they have held but the moment I click on one, it reverts to the original name.

I was looking around and I don’t know if this has anything to do with the problem but in the storage-sync.sqlite file, all the tabs I’ve change start with key-_2A except for the two that don’t keep the change and they start with key-_23_1

not sure that that means, if anything.


Ah thanks for the reply!
It might be because I’m checking the webpage’s URL with the stored URLs, and maybe localhost has a different URL format.
I need to look into this, and I’ll get back to you later. It might take some time for me to set up a localhost environment.


That’d be great. The localhost pages I’m accessing are in SageTV media software (open source) in both Linux and Windows versions and there are plugins that give me access to TV Guide Data, recordings, favorites, etc…

Is there anything I can look up on this end that might help?


I just tested on a simple localhost file, but it seemed to work fine with http://localhost:3000/ having a corresponding title in stored titles.

From how you describe it, I guess the add-on does remember the URL and set the title the first time you load the localhost webpage. But then when you click it, the title doesn’t persist. So the question is, when you click it, does the URL change? What element are you clicking on? Would it cause the page title to update? (e.g. “SageTV” to “SageTV - Logged in”)
Also, could you go to the “Saved Titles” section and tell me what the URLs are for those two pages?

I might need to install SageTV myself to test this behavior.



I just sent a reply via email response to yours but some error flashed and it does not appear on this page - did it get through?


No sadly I don’t see anything :frowning:


ok - I’ll paste it here - odd about the email?

They are never saved in the Saved Titles section. That seems to me to be the crux of the problem…

And, as far as I can tell, the URL does not change when I click it except to rename the page when I change to a different section. e.g.,

But the “name” on the page remains Batch Metadata Tools (4.101.0) - I’m trying to make it stay “BMT Linux”

I’m using Tree Style Tab so I just click on the tab to go from one site to another.

here’s a link:
pretty great software if you’re into media center type stuff - better in Linux because the Java works better so I have a vbox with linux within my Win7 setup for all my OTA tuners but I also have the win version installed for my cable box.


Hmm I still can’t figure out why it wouldn’t save the title at all. I’ve tested on a locally hosted website and it saves without a problem. I also tried installing the add-on Tree Style Tab and I don’t see any conflict either. I might need to actually install SageTV after all…


I was trying to discover why my review had vanished and saw that it was for a previous version so I went in and saw you had updated. This one seems to be working and it adds the localhost to the saved list for the whole domain - saving separate tabs doesn’t stay permanent but I can live with having the main title changed.

Thanks you!!

just curious - that is the Ctrl-Shift-X supposed to do? I get no action.

thanks again for everything


Ah ok. By separate tabs, do you mean those with #status and #configure?
I think if you do the domain option it should (in my opinion :sweat_smile:) work.

Ctrl Shift X should bring up a pop up alert-style box (different from the one you see on the top right corner) where you can temporarily change the title. It works on my Mac and should also work on Windows and Linux in theory, but is it not working?


Yes those are the ones I mean but I’ve been playing around and discovered a solution. I had made 2 of them domain (one for Windows and one for Linux) and then the other 2 tab-specific. The two tab only ones were marked tab #5 and tab #6 in the Saved Titles and they were always overwritten by the domain titles when I restarted (the ones with the localhost address). And I had deleted the previous titles from the Saved list before rebooting.

But, if I put the first two as tab only and the last two (formerly #5 and #6) as domain, then the results stick. Hope that is clear! Odd isn’t it…but I’m happy to have found a workaround.

the Ctrl-Shift-X does nothing here - sorry.

I’m wondering if it would be huge job to have the current title display when you go in to change the title? If so, no problem but, if it’s not a huge thing, it would be so nice.

thanks again, it’s a great plugin. are you planning to write any others?


Oh the tab specific titles only stick through the session, since I can’t guarantee a tab number to be always the same. I’m not sure why it works, but I’m glad you found a workaround!

I’ll see if I can fix the shortcut bug on Windows/Linux.

Uh I think the current title is displayed at the top of the popup menu. Like this screenshot.

Thanks for the support!! It’s my first add-on and I still need to improve things a lot before I can move on to new ones


I did see that but you can’t edit it - I wasn’t clear, sorry. I meant if the previous title was there, you could just add or delete part of it as necessary rather than retype the whole thing.

I can see how much work it must be as all the anomalies arise!! good luck.


Oh I see what you mean. Unfortunately, I think I’ll stick to the way it’s done now, as I think people just want to set a new title quickly without having to delete the old title. People who want to tweak the title can select, copy, and paste the title shown there (I might add a button or an option to put the current title in the box in the future).

Also, it turns out that the default shortcut key somehow doesn’t work on Windows’ version of firefox. So I’ll change it to Alt-Shift-X in the next update.


A button or option to copy would be great. I’ll watch out for the update.


I just uploaded the new version 1.4.3 which includes an option for you to click the old title to fill the input field with it.


Love the option to click and enter old title!! thank you so much.

It is so good to have this addon - I didn’t switch to Quantum until I could get 3 tabs that I can’t do without - yours, Session Manager and Tree Style Tab. Thank you again.

(piecevcake) #18

Hi Lazyuki, thanks for your great work on Tab Re-Title.

When I checked my version it hadn’t updated and wouldn’t update? After I re-downloaded the addon I now have your new version.

Following up questions asked in my review, at your suggestion -

  1. Other tabs (ones I HAVEN’T renamed!) are changing names all on their own, at random times, when either selected, or freshly opened from a link on another web page! This seems to happen when either Rename Tabs or Tab Re-Title is enabled. (Will advise if this STOPS after the new update!)

  2. Thanks for adding the option to copy original title!

  3. (New - suggestion) I think Shift_Alt_X was used by Colorful tabs addon? - which we hope to see return! Would Ctrl_Alt_T be better as a shortcut???

(Would be good to mention this site in your main description, so people can find support?)

Cheers, Vicki

[Support] Tab Re-Title General Support

Hi again, I’ve been using your add-on for quite awhile and like it very much but, every now and then and I have no idea why, most the tabs rewrite and go to the original titles and then i have to go through each one???

also, i wrote you a review way back in April but it has never appeared on your review page???


Maybe the browser restarted to update its version? I’m not sure why else that would happen…

Firefox’s add-on review page is buggy, maybe it didn’t process your review or something.