Requesting Shan Language

What information do I need to post on here for Shan Language ?
The ISO code for Shan Language are ISO 639-2 and 639-3. The country code for it is MM Myanmar. If need more please let me know please.


I’m not a member of the Mozilla team, but I wanted to tell you that there’s currently a delay of 2 weeks or so for this sort of task.

The ISO 639-3 code for Shan is shn (639-3 is the name of the standard for all languages). I assume the script you will use is the Myanmar script, code Mymr on the list linked from the post 📖 Readme: How to see my language on Common Voice.


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Thank you Craig
Yes Shan Language is under “Mymr” Script on Unicode. But Myanmar (Burmese) and Shan is different though. So I need Shan Language listed for me to add data for translation. :smiley: