Review team: The FAQ

Hello awesome reps!

TL;DR: The review team will soon review your budget requests.

I’m quite sure you have heard these past weeks about RepsNext. Probably, some of you thought it was like Star Trek: The Next Generation but for Reps. Well, not exactly. Although, we are onboarding a new crew. Let me present you the Review Team.

Why change the process, why a review team, who made the decision? You’ll find all answers on Konstantina’s blogpost

Who is part of the review team?

When do we start?

Well, today: Monday September 5th. There will be a transition period of 4 weeks. For the first 2 weeks, each review team member will shadow a council member on reviewing budgets, see how it works. And for the next 2 weeks, roles will be reversed.

What does it change for you, when you file a budget request?

Instead of being assigned to a council member, your request will be assigned to a review team member. Basically, you will still have to follow the same process. But, we hope that this new team will improve the process and reduce the time for approval.

Feel free to ask your questions to the review team on this thread.

Flore for the review team


Warm Welcome to Review team, My gut feeling says that this will resolve many issue while a budget gets filed .

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