Reps.Next Announcing the new Review Team

Hello all!
As part of the Reps.Next changes, I would like to welcome the volunteer Review Team members.

Those are:

As you know the Review Team is a team that will be specialised on reviewing, advising and approving budget request with a focus on empowering the Reps. The above Reps have been chosen by the council as experienced volunteers that will help the Reps and eventually take the role from the council on approving the budget requests.

The Review Team will also be joined by council members and staff members making a total team of 7 people.

Wonna know more about the Review Team? Check the github issue for updates

Welcome all :grinning:


Hi Review Team,

Congrats! for this nomination. Wishing you good luck in the delivery of your tasks.

This is great ! And these are just the right people for this :slight_smile: All the best!

Congratulations Everyone! Best of Luck :slight_smile:

Thats awesome news! Congratulations and All the Best! :slight_smile:

Congrats and all the best to the team.

With Regards
Surit Aryal
Mozilla Nepal Representative
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2016-07-07 22:12 GMT+05:45 Prathamesh Chavan <>:

Congratulations guys !
Good Luck !!

Congratulations :slight_smile: All the Best

Excellent move forward. What about getting a first “report back” with insights in a month or two? Really excited to see how this key RepsNext concept plays out in real life.

good idea :slight_smile: Next steps are:

  1. have a small presentation about RT responsibilities to the Reps
  2. announce the transition plan.

I think that a report back after one month of Review Team work its an excellent idea to showcase our results.

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Congrats and best regards RT

Always happy to help where possible.