[RSVP open] FIrefox 75 SUMO Sprint

Hello SUMO people,

As you know from the last Sprint, we are not anymore on Splash, but we are now sharing our Sprints on the Community Portal!

Now you can share your participation to Firefox 75 sprint here (please note that you need to have an account on the community portal to be able to RSVP). Our sprint will start on the 7th of April until the 21st of April 2020 .

This time it has been only four weeks, please give us your feedback on what you think about this, and if the schedule is to tight or it works just fine here.

Help by being welcoming to new contributors and as always if you’re passionate about Twitter or Forum contributions (or maybe even both, which is great), this is a great chance to help thousands of users like you to browse the internet just a bit more safely.

Please reach out to me or Kiki in case of questions, doubts or concerns!

Have a super nice one, and please stay safe.