Scamer extension

I sent a report of theft in the plugins section of your site some time ago, but I did not receive a response
A robbery that robbed me of $ 42,600
I will explain it to you again and please take care so that more people do not fall victim
This theft happened by Ledger live fake plugin
eves in this theft, with small changes in the logo and the name of the Baba plugin, put it in the plugins section of your site and steal from the users’ accounts.
With a simple comparison between the fake plugins on your site and the original plugin, you can find out if the plugins in the plugins section of your site are fake or stolen.
The name of the main plugin is Ledger live , and on your site, they are stealing with the same names and with a little change
All plugins in this section of your site plugins are fake and thieves except SpeedLedger
Which has a different topic and you can check
I look forward to hearing from you to prevent further theft

Hello chanchoa, I’m sorry to hear you’ve experienced such a loss. We’ve taken care of these add-ons and hope to reduce the number of fake ledger add-ons that fall through the cracks. We appreciate you reaching out! If you come across more please feel free to follow