School IP address blocked


I’m working as a DevOps at 42Paris, a coding school located in Paris. I am maintaining a browser extension used internally, and it seems I can’t submit my add-on anymore because our IP has been blocked.

status: 403
response: {"detail":"Multiple add-ons violating our policies have been submitted from your location. The IP address has been blocked."}

This is probably due to some students publishing add-ons violating the policies, but since our IPs are shared it applies to everyone (~4800 students), including our staff.
I can share our IP ranges, or maybe some IPs used only by our staff.
I would prefer to give them by email (or any other private way), if possible.
The name of my add-on is BetterIntra

Thanks for your future help
I remain available for any question


Hey @Reach!

Thanks for reporting this, I’ll bring this up with our team to see what’s going on.

Could you send the IP ranges or IPs used to That would be very helpful

Thanks for your quick response. I just sent an email as you asked.

Have a good day,