All accounts and IP address blocked

We have been publishing our add-on for over a decade here and recently had an issue with a submission not being able to be built from source, we deleted the submission and re-submitted but noticed that accounts that were previously able to submit extension version are now not able to.

I think this might be due to having deleted submissions but this is not clear to us and now all of our accounts are blocked and our IP address too

Screenshot 2022-11-21 at 2.41.07 PM

  1. Why re our accounts getting blocked? We used to be able to delete submissions and re-submit but this seems to now cause the email address to be blocked.
  2. How do we get ourselves unblocked?

This is our extension

Hey @Dylan_Barrell!

I’ll look into this with our team and get back to you once I learn what’s going on.

The add-on had been caught by security pipeline and as a safety measured it triggered future submissions being denied. We reviewed the case and found it to be incorrectly caught and you should now be able to access and update again.

I apologize for any problems this caused on your end.

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awesome, thanks it is working!!

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