Scope change proposal

So I think we’ve realized that there are other groups doing better work towards open source translation, and we’re not going to pick up traction on that any time soon.

However, we do need to create a movement for Mozilla to be more inclusive of different languages within the community, not just in localizing outward facing documents.

Would anyone be opposed to reusing the Intellego “brand” to be more about generally improving language inclusion in the Mozilla community? I’m thinking this would be very broad including possibly taking back up coding projects, but also housing language learning, as well as working on things like in product translation for tools like Discourse.

@GPHemsley @Pike (I’ll email Jeff a link to this topic)

I think this is a good idea. There’s
value in the Mozilla Intellego brand that is worth preserving and
refocusing where it can be useful.


One of the problems of Intellego has been that many people misunderstood or -interpreted the project scope.

Whatever you want to do, adding the paper weight Intellego-the-name to it is probably gonna hurt.

Yes, that’s true. My instinct around that is that a) it was originally scoped down to be a very specific highly technical project, that I think probably would have gotten the same misinterpretation no matter what we called it - and b) people wanted it to be more widely scoped than it was.

I think the proposed scope is much easier to communicate correctly.

Jeff and I talked about this quickly. Neither of us are likely to have time for MT any time soon. And once we do, we’ll likely not need the Intellego name for whatever we do.

As such, feel free to take it and use it for whatever you see fit.

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please keep in mind that people are aware of intellego because of news or presentations like these:

or this:

In both, the message is very clear, it’s:

let’s make “google translate” for firefox

…so actually, IMHO, re-branding the name for something different would add lots of confusion. Better write on it it’s dead and that there is a related successor project XYZ. After all, it’s just a name.

If you nevertheless choose to the name “Intellego” for something different, at least put some big big disclaimer on every important page. Otherwise, it would just lead to raised eyebrows, confusion and mislead people. My 2 cents.