Screen Notifications Using Fingerprint Defender Add-ons

Is it possible to turn off the notification that ”a fingerprinting attempt is detected” in the lower right of the screen?

On some web pages, it blinks constantly which is very annoying and makes trying to close it pointless. On other pages it blocks information you would like to see. These add-ons seem like great idea for privacy, but I am going to end up uninstalling them if the constant notifications cannot be tamed. I have looked everywhere and cannot find such an option. If the option is obvious and I missed it, my apologies.

It is hard to find! Right-click its toolbar button and you can “uncheck” desktop notifications there. I didn’t test whether that actually works, though. Does it work for you?


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Nice, Good job this super

Thanks. I was looking for the option within the Firefox menu item “Add-ons and themes” (Manage Your Extensions). Your suggestion was obviously the correct place to look.

Nice, I was looking for the option within the Firefox menu