Sea Containers sidebar for managing tabs

Originally in response to The window is the container – the user groups things within a container – those things are tabs.

Hey @grahamperrin,

I was reading your thread whilst on holiday and puzzling over the thread, thanks for the follow up and sorry for the delay in responding (I’m going to do more of that here).

So some of you use-case can be solved by a little mock up extension I wrote:

This solves:

  • Easy access to opening all of your containers
  • Quick visibility of tab numbers
  • Quick access to jump, sort and close tabs
  • Moving tabs, opens the container section it belongs in and scrolls the selected tab into view

This doesn’t solve:

  • Moving a tab into a different container
  • Tiling of windows, probably out of scope for this addon

I’m currently waiting on this for approval from which will take some time, it also requires Firefox 54 which is in Beta currently.

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@jkingston I like how that looks! Only real request I might make is for the option to have more than one dropdown open at a time.

I usually have two semi-related container types open in the same window (work and school mostly, since they are both tech related for me) that I switch between often or need quick access to. A lot of times content from one container applies to the other (something I learned from class, or something I learn for work) and being able to view all of the tabs at the same time would be cool.

Either way, just a random request. I think it looks awesome anyway!


I’ll open a bug for that, personally I would prefer that to be an option just as I find it super convenient and actually more “container like” to be in one mode or the other.

I expected someone to ask for it though :slight_smile:

[quote=“jkingston, post:4, topic:15451”]
… waiting on this for approval from … [/quote]


FreeBSD here, 53.0.3,1 at FreshPorts – www/firefox and there’s no port of the beta.

I aim to install 54 on Kubuntu.

I have updated the screenshot to indicate some of the fixes that has happened.

  • Test pilot extension has fixed missing/broken container icons in how they are stored, this was part of a reduction in legacy SDK code.
  • Default container icon (we are probably going to use the same in the experiment too)

I have 0.7 on Kubuntu and I see 0.7 (2017-05-16) in GitHub, can you estimate when a more recent version will be available as an update?


(Whilst I don’t plan to use containers, I do follow this with interest.)

The fixes mentioned came from the containers test pilot, are you still seeing issues?

Is the Sea Containers extension getting things from Containers, without an update to Sea Containers, before Containers gets those things from Test Pilot?

I don’t see the single tab icon (very similar to the Synced tabs icon) in the Containers menu.

Maybe because there’s no Default container in the Containers menu.

I’m confused …

Is the Sea Containers extension getting things from Containers, without an update to Sea Containers, before Containers gets those things from Test Pilot?

Sea Containers always had the notion of “default” tabs as it is supposed to be a tab replacement somewhat. I added a new icon in the past release. The icon is used in various places in Firefox to represent tabs.

Test Pilot Containers fixed how icons where stored so it has fixed extensions that relied on colour and icons.

Test Pilot Containers also may add interface specific to “Default” for when assigning a tab.