Grouping tabs & switch view

An idea would be to group together every tab in a container under a “super tab” which title is the name of the container. A possibility would be to switch view between the current one and with “super tabs”.
Or having buttons that allow switching between different containers.

What do you think ?

Dooxe, I quite agree. I was thinking something similar along the lines of your ‘Supertab’ for each container. Clicking on one could go one of two ways…

  1. Open a ‘workspace’ attributed to each container category with relevant bookmark toolbar, history, cookies etc.
  2. Clicking a container brings down a list of bookmarks attributed to that container category with a possible option at the bottom of the list to open a new tab under that container category. However, this would only probably work for light users, if you have a whole load of bookmarks then the dropdown list becomes a bit less convenient.

The 1. most corresponds the most to what I was thinking. The 2. is a good option as well anyway.
I love the idea of the workspaces, it could totally bring a new to surf on the internet. Like there are labels inside a webmail that allow us categorizing emails and see only the ones in one category in particular, there could be enhanced containers workspaces that show up only tabs from a container :slight_smile: