Early Feedback

I don’t know exactly what the driving purpose of Containers is, but I have been exploring it as a possible replacement for the wonderful treeTabs extension. I do lots of searching through github issues and navigation of my company’s internal wikis, both of which have me opening tons of short-lived tabs; I just need some way of wrangling them. The way I would do this with treeTabs is that tabs ‘spawned’ from some initial tab all end up in a hierarchy below it. It then becomes easy to manipulate all the tabs related to a specific task.

So far my experience with using containers has been great. It is much nicer looking, and being able to automatically open certain sub-domains in containers is lovely. However, there are some quality-of-life improvements that would make it even better for me:

  • When looking through the tabs in a container, I find that the popup window is not wide enough for me to read the tab names effectively.
  • When I mouse over a tab in the popup described above, the mouseover text isn’t the full name of the tab, it is the URL of the tab. I don’t think this is very friendly.
  • It would be nice to create on-the-fly containers. If I am doing some sort of infrastructure management and am opening up 10 tabs to do so, it would be nice to make a container just for that. My current workaround is to have a container I’ve named ‘tmp’, but this feels dirty
  • Along those same lines, it would be handy to have an option to close all tabs in a container. Currently I export them to a new window and close the window.

And the big one for me:

  • I have two domains for work, each of which have a default tab group (wiki, code). When I am browsing the wiki (in my ‘wiki’ container) and I find a link to some code, I middle-click it. I would prefer if middle-click’s default behavior were to keep the current container for the new tab, but in this case Containers detects that the new tab has a default container and opens it in my ‘code’ container instead. I understand the current behavior, but it would be lovely if this were configurable.

Overall this is a very good feature and I am probably just a loud, opinionated developer, but I hope my feedback is helpful.

When this bug will be fixed, Taborama will probably be an excellent tool for you.

After brushing up on my French, it does look like that’s the extension for me, I’ll look into it