Alternative to Sidebar Bookmarks Search?


As a former Opera user, Firefox’s bookmark manager always seemed like its weak spot to me.

Luckily I found “Sidebar Bookmarks Search Plus” ( and it has been a must-have addon for me for a long time. When searching my sidebar bookmarks, it shows an extra pane under search results with the exact location (tree) of any found item.

Unfortunately its author has recently deleted it and, given the amount of categorized bookmarks I have and how often I use the search function, I really need an alternative.

If anybody knows of an addon that I can replace its functionality, please let me know. Thanks in advance.

(Gaz) #2

Coming from Opera I was a HUGE fan of their bookmark manager. The ability to search for bookmarks and see the folders they were in was a killer feature, that Sidebar Bookmark Search Plus did well for years…but alas it is gone. I even just tried the latest version of Opera but they don’t have this feature yet. If anyone is wondering what this killer feature is, see this screen shot below, on the left hand side there is the bookmark side bar, note the search field at the top then displays the folders where related bookmarks are found.
Screen shot showing bookmark searching with folders listed:

(Ace Voltran) #3

I want back this addon ,too…
Really loved this program, and use it every day…
No more similar…

please give me back, dear author !!

I buy ssd, install my new system, and this addon is missing!!

(Александр К ) #4

Unpack and copy sidebarBookmarksSearch@alice to Data\profile\extensions

work witch Firefox 52 and 54

I very much love the old Opera and I tried to find extensions that can turn Firefox into Opera

I recomendate for Opera users:

Mozilla Firefox ESR, Portable Edition -

Sidebar Bookmarks Search Plus -
Add Bookmark Here 2 -
SimpleSort Bookmarks -
Open Bookmarks in New Tab -

Keybinder - firefox/addon/keybinder/

ScrapBook X (Opera Notes!!!) - firefox/addon/scrapbook-x/

Tab Groups (sometimes make a backup manually, sometimes the tabs disappear!!!) - firefox/addon/tab-groups-panorama/

UnMHT (Save pages to MHT!!!) - firefox/addon/unmht/
Screenshoter Fixed - firefox/addon/screenshoter-fixed/
Flash Video Downloader - YouTube HD Download [4K] - firefox/addon/flash-video-downloader/

S3.Google Translator - firefox/addon/s3google-translator/

Adblock Plus - firefox/addon/adblock-plus/
friGate - firefox/addon/frigate/
NoScript - firefox/addon/noscript/

(aaFn) #5

If that can help, I reproduced “Bookmarks Search Plus” as a Web Extension … a complete rewrite unfortunately, since XUL code cannot work in Web Extensions.
Look for “Bookmark search plus 2” on AMO and help me make it better if you try it and find bugs (
Thanks, aaFn.