Search setting emails to unread on 94

A search across all Local Folders set tens of thousands of emails in many folders to unread, but not all emails, nor even all emails in affected folders.

This used to happen to me often back in 2019 or so, but happened again a few days ago. It took an hour or so to go through setting all the affected folders to Read.

I have also been getting folder corruption issues (separate topic), so perhaps this is related to that. If so I have a LOT of corrupted folders!

Is this a known issue please? (I could not see it listed here.)

Did you search Bugzilla where this and your other issue should be reported?

I did not see your other issue when testing the 94.0b1 release candidate on Windows 10.

But, I didn’t create any folders in Local Folders and don’t have tens of thousands of emails.

Thank you. Yes I tried to find the issues in Bugzilla but couldn’t.

The ‘other issue’ I have (folder corruption) is so serious that I was surprised. Thus my posts here.