Security Risk : Add-on Installed itself and Disguised to look like another

I’ve been locked to google safe-search while on Firefox for a few days, despite my settings being set to unlock.
After having gone through various settings, including my AV I noticed that I had a strange looking symbol in my URL bar that was forcing safe=active on all google searches.

I have TrafficLight by Bit-defender Installed, and I noticed this symbol looked the EXACT same but belonged to another extension that I DID NOT install myself.

The name of the offending extension is “Preview of Parental Control: Family Friendly Filter” by Media Partners.
[LINK] :

The company name is Sketchy and I worried where it came from.
I have uninstalled it, but I am seeking direction regarding where it may have come from.
Could someone look at the extension and advise??

The Policy feature can be used to force-install extensions. You could check the about:policies page, “Active” panel, to see whether any policies are running in your Firefox.