Settings Feature? "Sort By" Default Settings for all folders

why not implement a default “view > sorty by” setting into the preferences under “appeareance”? that would make sense and it’d be quite usable especially for users with many folders.
now it is only possible in the advanced config settings, as i could find in this article.

found another way: sort a folder properly, right-click on a column, “Apply columns to” > “Folder and its children” > Inbox.

But this is very hidden and unexpected, isn’t it?
especially because one wouldn’t expect to perform actions on all folders from a sub-sub-menu of a column. Folders can have different columns, but, there could be a setting in the preferences that only determines the “sort by” thing, and not which columns are shown folder-specifically.
(I’m not sure if this is the right platform to discuss thingies like this. but it just came up in the workflow.)

There is a forum in which the TB UI is discussed:

There are changes afoot to options/preferences:

I haven’t been following this but I have the impression that the designers want to simplify and rationalize the setting rather than add more options. I would read the forum before jumping in.

It’s also possible to raise a ‘feature request’ bug, but unless it’s persuasive it’s unlikely to be taken up. At best a designer on the forum asks you to raise a bug :wink: