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Found out today that I can no longer share images with friends. When I get the drop down window and ask for “FB share on a friend’s timeline” it won’t allow me to share since the “post” never does come in. I’ve checked and I have allowed this in private windows… it worked yesterday?! Just not working today (I share birthday images almost everyday with FB friends and family). I updated Firefox to the latest version and doesn’t help. Not sure what I’m doing wrong and don’t want to removed this option and then be able to retrieve it. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer. :wink:
NB: This works to share on my timeline, just not on friends’ timeline(s) ;(

Tagging @Mte90 in here.

Hi Tiamary54, I am the author of the Share Backported extension.

As I can understand you have:

  • Enabled Facebook as social
  • Using it on private windows

This is enough to getting working, can you explain better?

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I tried it this morning and today was able to “share with friend” so it’s working today. Thank you, but guess no further help needed. Have a good day