Should `web-ext lint` somehow target Firefox for Android?

Hi, I’m following the documentation on using web-ext lint to Check for Firefox for Android compatibility and wondering, is there a way to indicate the extension is meant to be used on Firefox for Android?

I understand that the manifest must contain browser_specific_settings and a strict_min_version. I thought I would need to a key like firefox_android_min_version so the linter knows what to test. Is that not true or am I missing something obvious?

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The linter does target Firefox for Android too, however it does not currently possess a function to know about missing implementation, only things that were implemented at a specific version for Android.

I don’t quite understand this point, could you elaborate?

Essentially, the linter will warn you if something you’re using was implemented after your specified strict_min_version on android, but it will not warn you if it was never implemented.

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Ah I see, that is unexpected. Good to know! =)