Show extension in toolbar

After installing the Javascript Switcher extension I chose “Remove from Toolbar” from the extension’s right-click menu in the toolbar; the icon disappeared. How can I now reverse my action and show the icon in the toolbar?

I have no Overflow Menu icon in my extension toolbar.

Right click on the toolbar and select “Customize” or open the main menu (the right most button) and select “Customize” there. This will open a tab where you can pull the button back into the toolbar.

If you want to move a button to the overflow menu, use the “Pin to overflow menu” context menu item instead, or drag it into the overflow menu when customizing.

Thank you, freaktechnik. I did read about that too, and tried it. However, the Javascript Switcher button does not appear in that group of buttons. I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but that didn’t work either. I’ll contact the developer.

You also could try the “Restore Defaults” button at the bottom of the Customize tab to restore the original “factory default” toolbar layout and then let Firefox re-add the extension toolbar buttons.