Sneak a Peek at the New Firefox Support Tool

The Firefox Support Sprint is coming June 2nd to June 9th and we are very happy to announce that in a few days we’ll be launching a new tool, that will enable Mozillians like you to reply to reviews of Firefox for Android, on the google Play Store, in your own language.

With this tool, you will be able to help users from all over the world from the comfort of your couch. It’s fun, easy, and we can’t wait for you to try it!

Are you excited yet? So are we, that’s why we created this video giving you a sneak peek of how easy it will be to reply to reviews. Check it out!!

We’ll be testing this tool through the Firefox Support Sprint, a Sprint for all Mozillians that want to help Firefox for Android users in their language.

Do you want to participate? Find an event near you or try it by yourself. Either way you’ll be helping Firefox win.
>> Find an Event

Can’t find an event near you? You can always organize your own. We’ve even made a slide deck to making hosting super easy. What are you waiting for? Register it here and we will provide the pizza.
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Thanks for helping save the web. Let’s make this the best sprint ever!


I am wondering how works.
I explain better we are talking about reviews on Play Store (where is not possible to reply) so I guess that with this website we see this reviews and our reply are stored on that website but the reviewer will be notified?
Because the 2 systems are separated so what is the purpose of writing reply on a website that is not the official one?
Just to understand because this will be a question if we want to organize an event.

Hey! It is possible to respond to reviews on the Google Play Store (if you are the app owner) and this tool enables Mozilla volunteers to access that function.

Using this tool, once your response is reviewed it will show up on the Google Play Store under the author “Mozilla” like this, the user who wrote the review will be notified.

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Ok now it is clear!
Who will review? because we have to consider that is supporting multiple languages so I guess that will be the L10n team of every community.

Through the tool all volunteers will be asked to both write AND review moderated posts (as shown in the video).

Review Mechanism:

  • Every review must be moderated by 3 volunteers
  • The review must get 3/3 for positivity, ⅔ for addressing the issue, ⅓ for personalized to “pass”
  • “Passed” reviews will be posted to the playstore.

We will monitor to see if we run into the problem you described, that we don’t have enough language speakers in that language to moderate the reviews.

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NICE review process! That part in particular was concerning me so thank you for this thread. :tada:

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