The Support Sprint is happening: Get ready!

Hello Mozillians,

The Firefox Support Sprint is starting tomorrow with the goal of helping Firefox for Android users all over the globe.

Are you ready? Find an event near you or do the activity from the comfort of your couch. It’s very easy, just click here and follow the instructions.

Do you want to talk about the campaign in social media? Just don’t forget to use the #sumosupport hashtag

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask here or in the irc room #sumo

Let’s help million of users and show the world what our communities can accomplish.

See you all (virtually) there!


Hello Konstantina! I am interested in localizing the application for the support sprint. Where can we do this?

unnfortunatelly since this is an experiment it will be only in English for now. However you can translate the instructions on how to reply, would you be interested to that?


Is the tool showing Firefox 59.0.2/Android Oreo 8.0 for every question regardless? if yes, and the version information isn’t accurate i think it would be better to leave it out…


Hm that’s a weird bug, let me let me look into that, it shouldn’t be like that.

…and in the moderating section it would also come handy to have the original question available that the response is in answer to :slight_smile:
thanks for taking a look into the matter!

hey phillip I can actually see that there, could you send over a screenshot of what you see?

it looks like this for me most of the time:

oh that’s totally weird cause I see the response fully. Can you try to reload and tell me what you get? Also do you have any addon that is maybe blocking it? (I seriously doubt that though cause I have ublock and works fine)

Also are you on release or on nightly?

It should appear like that

i was using nightly, but also can reproduce it in a fresh profile on a release version of firefox 60.
str are:

can not reproduce here :frowning:

However will report it to the devs

It’s working fine for me. Tested in nightly and stable.

Sure, that would be useful too.

here is the doc to be translated:
here is the doc to be proofread after the translation is complete:

I would advice that the proofread happens from another person to ensure that at least 2 set of eyes have seen this.

Happy translating!


Thanks! Translation is done, and I have asked others to do the review. Sorry for not doing my research, but where is the original English doc, and where will be the final translated version accessible?

Some feedback
my account -> edit
isn’t styled correctly for some reason (on mobile)

“English” is sorted in between two languages that start with s instead of alphabetically. (obviously the search works well, I’m just wondering why this is the case)

English seems to be preferred instead of my native language German sadly (when I check both of them in the select menu)
(obviously the website doesn’t offer a way to prioritize languages, yet. but it would be a nice feature imo :slight_smile: )

Moderation is kinda slow on mobile because you have to scroll down half of the time. (navigation at the top is what you see first all the time)
And the dialog that follows after each moderation is fairly useless. I would like to see the website directly skip to the next dialog to moderate. Effiency is more important than user friendliness (for users who are familiar with the tool).

low priority because it’s optical:
The content-area of the “no responses found” page isn’t styled, yet.

Hey Felix,
thanks for the feedback, I am writing them down for the next version. This is an experimental app which means that there are still glitches. If this experiment is successful we will move to a better more refined version.

Just on the language prioritization. The tool doesn’t prioritize English over German, it chooses randomly reviews on your language of choice. It just happens that we have more reviews in English than German, thus naturally you get more of those.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

you can find the original one here: Once it will get reviewed it will be accessible at the top of the page for people to click :slight_smile:

Hi Konstantina,
thx for your answer :slight_smile:
That’s exactly why I reported them; as feedback for the next version.
Are you reviewing all responses to find out what can be improved?
Will these responses find their way to the Play Store after that? (Is it just an experiment or will the results be used?)