[SOLVED] Awaiting review over one month

How are you? ^^

My name is Sungho Hwang. I am one Thunderbird user. I made three addons for Thunderbird. Names of my addons are:
FrameWhite 56.9, LayoutTaskview 6.3, PasteMarkdownSyntax 40.2.
FrameWhite and LayoutTaskview are completed versions and PasteMarkdownSyntax is needed to have a detailed technical support.
I am waiting reviews for my addons over one month. My addons are light and simple, although, These catch my eyes that have my wish. And Making them gave me a pleasure. I wish to hear news on reviews of them.

Have a nice weekend!

From Sungho Hwang at Seoul in South Korea.

I hope you uploaded your extension to addons.thunderbird.net and not AMO. Moved your topic to Thunderbird-land :slight_smile:

Thank you, Martin to read and answer to my writing.
I remember you. and I pray for your good health. ^^

Vertical taskview 1.8 was released.
I request the review of this addon.

LayoutTaskview 8.5 was released. VerticalTaskview was discarded.
Menu items as Raise/Neutral/Vertical were integrated to LayoutTaskview.

Name of LayoutTaskview was changed as TaskviewLayout.

Please, review these my add-ons.

I added one add-on for review.
I update 4 add-ons on forum.

Please, review these 4 add-ons.

  1. Category [General theme]
  2. Category [Dialog description]
  3. Category [Calendar task view]
  4. Category [Lightning today subpane]

Have a nice weekend!


A reviewer will check those very soon.

It would seem you provided source code for your add-ons, when it was not needed. Doing so makes your add-ons enter a different review queue, which can take longer for a fellow reviewer to check.

Please read https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Add-ons/Source_Code_Submission to understand when uploading source code is necessary.

Thank you for your understanding!

Hi, Sylvain.

Thank you for answering my writing and for giving related information.
I will check and understand the linked information that you provided.^^
I pray for your good health!

From Sungho Hwang.