[SOLVED]How to properly hide address bar from Firefox 96.0?

I want to hide the address bar leaving only the opened tabs bar visible, I’ve tried with 2 methods editing the userChrome.css, one works (but it generates a lot of top-spacing), while the second method removes the top-spacing, but it also stops the web pages from being loaded.

Here what I tried with screenshots:

  • With the first method I’ve added this to the userChrome.css

    #nav-bar {
    visibility: hidden !important;

And that is the one which generates the extra top-spacing:

  • With the second method I’ve added this instead

    #nav-bar {
    display: none !important;

This one lets me obtain exactly what I want but, as I said, it also stops web pages from being loaded (see screenshot):

How can I reach the same result of the second screenshot, but with web pages being actually loaded?


Editing userChrome.css is not officially supported and could very easily backfire or be reset in a future update - I would not recommend it.

I do not believe that is any way to remove the address bar from Firefox.

Solved the correct parameter to enter was:

#nav-bar { visibility: collapse !important; }

Tried something similiar and worked. For my use, i needed to hide the address bar (a.k.a url bar) and the search bar. The code follows:

#nav-bar, #urlbar-container, #searchbar { visibility: collapse !important; }

if worked, don’t forget to comment, it helps others in the same situation to know possible solutions.