[solved] New login: visual feedback when already authenticated

(Martin Giger) #1

The new login screen no longer prompts you to confirm that you want to use the same identity as you used last time. However it also doesn’t show you when the login screen comes up, that you do not have to login again.

It would be nice if the input form would be disabled, as soon as the screen knows, that the end-user is already authenticated, so there is some form of feedback, even if the redirect is not instant.

(kang) #2


Thanks for your report!
This is also discussed here https://github.com/mozilla-iam/auth0-custom-lock/issues/34 https://github.com/mozilla-iam/auth0-custom-lock/issues/43

(Martin Giger) #3

The linked issue doesn’t seem to describe my feedback.

(kang) #4

Sorry, replied to the wrong thread somehow. Fixed above

(Martin Giger) #5

This has been resolved by showing a spinner instead of the inputs when a valid login already exists.