Sonoff device recognised in standard gateway

Stranger and stranger!

I have MG 0.92/Hue Bridge/several tasmotised devices all on v6.0.7.1, and these are talking via mqtt and HA and also have Hue Emulation enabled on each tasmota device. Also in the console of the sonoff I set “setoption19 1” which makes the device discoverable on wifi.

Strangely whilst I was adding devices to my Things (z-wave and Zigbee/Hue Bridge) one of the devices showed up as a light: I am able to switch this on and off and control it from the Things screen.

I changed the type from light to switch and it operates both on and off states.

I have no idea how this happened : I installed HA / Mosquito to control all these devices because it seems that Mozilla gateway is lacking in being able to control these devices.

It’s worth noting that only one out of 4 devices have shown thus far. I have enabled the same emulations, versions and console options on all devices , but the other 3 haven’t shown.

Was I lucky ? Or is this a legit “hack” to get them into MG?


We don’t have any official support for Sonoff devices, but if you’re able to get them working via Hue emulation, cool!

Correction: it’s Tasmota 6.7.1 , not the earlier version mentioned in the original post.

Hi @ivsmith2010 are these Sonoff’s running their OEM firmware or have you flashed Tasmota on them?
And they were recognised by which adapter, the Hue one?
Cheers :slight_smile:

They are all flashed to tasmota (Alison - 6.7.1), and to add, I placed my Zigbee stick in my desktop and updated and reset it, and the gateway (0.10.1) and magically most of the other devices have shown up and are able to use rules etc. I left them as things for a few days to make sure the gateway won’t lose them and they have stayed there. I’m so lucky this is working - I have HA latest, with mqtt service finally configured and working there with TasmoAdmin doing the switching but I cannot for the life of me handle or understand their automation system or Node Red.

As additional info: HA is not running on the same pi as the Mozilla sw. It’s a seperate machine which I use for testing, not the production real time Mozilla gateway. The Zigbee stick is a Digi x-bee 3.0 (Amazon) or a newish ConbeeII which is being an ass right now in both HA and MG. There is also Z-Wave in the form of a US freq. AeonLabs ZStick rev, 5, which doesn’t work with Australian frequency Z-Wave , so has nothing attached to it right now. The production (mg) pi has a little black z wave dongle on it. They are we’re all once connected via USB extender cables but I had flashing lights (not controllerable;) on the dongles keeping me awake at night, so they are now connected to the USB ports on the pi directly and it seems to work better. I wouldn’t do this on a pi 4 though as it has USB 3.0 which is apparently more problematic than the b3+’s I currently am using.