Itead Sonoff might be good to consider

(Kajmaj) #1

Hello all,
Is there any chance to have Sonoff smart devices implemented into the project? (there are switch, multiswitch, humidity/temperature controlled switch, gate controller, smart socket etc.) ESP8266 based with Web Server and MQTT custom firmware (Tasmota-Sonoff).
It would be great to have them implemented as it is possible to cover the whole smart home with it.

BTW Thank you for great job

(Kathy Giori) #2

Kajmaj ā€“ I completely agree. I was recently at Linux Conf Australia, and most DIY and even commercial IoT activity involved using Sonoff devices because of their low cost compared to alternatives. I just ordered a couple, so Iā€™m on your side, hoping to see an add-on adapter developed while we sort out if they can support behaving as native web things directly (native web thing support implies no need for a custom gateway adapter). I know a couple community developers who like the Sonoff products too ā€“ I will ping to see if they can help with an adapter.

(Kajmaj) #3

Kathy - OEM Sonoff FW works in closed environment. For test purposes I flashed one device with custom FW and it is possible to control it via web now, need to know IP only. It offers possibility to use MQTT and Domoticz as well. I am trying to explore this possibilities now. Due to their broad portfolio (various devices like temperature/humidity switch, power metering switch, dual channel, 4 channel, light, touch switch etc.) I thing that more than one adapter will be needed.
Anyhow, to have a possibility to control it through Mozilla IoT wold be great.