Spell check for English (british) disappeared

(West Inthelane) #1

According to the mozilla ISP I do have this app installed. However when I type any email it will not correct. I’ve tried downloading it again, tried deleting Mozilla then re-loading it all without effect. Any one can give me advice please. It works on this screen so why not the BT site?

Bob West

(Vseerror) #2

What version of Thunderbird, and what version of spell check? And what do you mean by “TB site”?

(West Inthelane) #3

My terminology is wayward, for this I apologise. First, Mozilla Firefox is my preferred search engine. I have had to abandon it because I lost the automatic ‘spell-check’ facility. I use this extensively for my emails and I send a great deal. For these emails my provider is BT (British telecom). They do not provide an independent spell-check facility. This having disappeared has sent me to Crome-I hope temporarily- until I can solve this problem. I know absolutely nothing about “Thunderbird”, never having come across this weird acronym previously.

(Leo McArdle) #4

Installing this add-on should fix things: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/british-english-dictionary-2/

You’ll then need to right click in any text area you wish to spell check and ensure that “Check Spelling” is checked.

(Graham Cole) #5

This just happened to me, was working perfectly OK yesterday. I had British English and Italian installed and both had disappeared leaving only US English. I downloaded BE again and it installed no problem however the Italian spellchecker will download but cannot be enabled as I am told it is “incompatible” and has therefore been disabled. Previously had it installed for a very long time so this is rather surprising.

Thanks for any advice