Starting webthing-python on openWRT leads to 403:Forbidden

I compiled my own openWRT to get Full python3 and pip3 on it.
I then was able to install webthing over pip and i can start the examples but calling up http://mydevice:8888 does not show the expected dev-json-view from firefox but a 403:Forbidden.
In the openWRT forum they say, it could be because tornado uses non python stuff or is miss configured…
Does anybody here know where to start debug Tornado if I only get a 403?

Have you tried running on a port other than 8888, to see if there’s maybe something else conflicting with that?

Also, how are you accessing your device? The webthing libraries do some hostname verification, so the host you’re requesting needs to match one of the things in this list:

Interesting. Over ip I can get the json. Does that mean that my hostname is not set correctly?
I actually think it’s not fully qualified. Its called: http://heizung-og:8888 there is no tld. And I not know how to add… do you think it’s because of the missing tld like .local?

Turns out it is available under .local and when I add the tld it works! Always add the ending! :smile: