Stepping Down From All Real or Perceived Community Leadership Roles

Dear Mozillians from India,
I started contributing to Mozilla as a volunteer who was attracted by the Mozilla mission and all the fantastic work that Mozilla does towards that mission. I’m as enthusiastic about that mission today as I was when I joined, if not more.

As a part of being a community member, over time, I’ve taken up or been given many leadership roles (most of them informally). Effective today I am stepping down from any & all of these leadership roles. I will continue to be a Mozillian motivated by the mission. I will continue contributing to that mission, but not in any way that will make me be perceived as a community leader. And for that reason, I’ll take the following actions.

  1. Remove myself from the and groups.
  2. Ask the creators of various mozilla related telegram groups to revoke my admin permission.
  3. Remove myself from’s admin
  4. Remove myself from India community’s documented ownership.
  5. Discontinue participation in various forums/threads regarding community development.
  6. Return the swags I have to the nearest rep.

As for gitlab and github, there are other owners. All telegram groups have multiple admins. I shall add @r_TlfPuogHW2i9hdoQY1tGww as an admin on the blog and he is another documented owner for MCWS purpose. I’m sure with the community portal coming in most of these roles are going to be obsolete anyhow.

The reason I’m stepping down is my purely subjective perception that the reps program is mismanaged and that any attempt to engage with the leadership is met with a level of detachment that is repulsive. I’m uncomfortable in holding leadership role in such a community and it is completely my fault that I have not been able to raise to the occasion and figure out solutions.

I’ll be available for any help as a regular Mozillian and I do hope we keep the web open.

Hi Akshay, sorry to see you go this way. However, I have one concern, the GitHub organization does have owners but I believe they are not that active and since the website is doing well as far as contributions and activities are concerned and you being the sole collaborator who has write access AND is active at the same time is what kept it going. I understand that you would want to leave but I think that you should pass ownership to someone who is willing to handle and has been a contributor to the site.

@r_TlfPuogHW2i9hdoQY1tGww and @r_qDYrxoJ3X9S_ltyv6BEiGw are both owners on github and active in the community. I’ve removed myself and no longer have any write access. Please reach out to either of them if you would like to have write access to any/all repos.

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@r_TlfPuogHW2i9hdoQY1tGww and @r_qDYrxoJ3X9S_ltyv6BEiGw you are the only hope for Mozillla India Website and I would love if you can help us out here! I could have write access for the repos. Since I’ve come back from a break, I’m expecting good contributions from myself and the community. I have a few things planned as well.

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Wot in ternation, dude @asdofindia hold your horses!

I just got a notification after Harsh’s last message, I was completely unaware. Never saw any discussion on this in any channel related to this, do others in the community know you posted this?

Besides, it’s shitty leadership to step down without proper contingency plan, and you’re better than that. Train a padawan to take the baton from you, only then you can take a leave. It was an acceptable retirement post if you were just a github/gitlab account keymaster, but that’s not the case. As somebody people looks up to in the community, you can’t just drop your responsibility with a "k bye, lol" just over some perceived differences in modus operandi with reps program. If everyone who came to a position where they can make a difference, but just quit because it wasn’t as easy as they thought, then we’ll get nowhere. We talked about this.


I’m sorry to let you down.

Sorry to bug you again @r_qDYrxoJ3X9S_ltyv6BEiGw, but can you help me out with the access?

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@obitodarky what access do you require ?

We have imported all the repos from github to gitlab also we are in the process of getting gitlab gold.

We have imported all the repos from github to gitlab also we are in the process of getting gitlab gold.

I believe the Mozilla India website repo should stay on GitHub because it’s easy to get new contributors on GitHub as they are a bit familiar. Also, can I ask why are we shifting to GitLab?

@deadspaceharsh what access do you require ?

Write access to repo. I’m back for contributions and I have a few things planned for the website.

check mozilla india telegram group on this discussion and reasons .

we also have enabled repo mirroring . gitlab >> github in pull format. so they are i sync.
send your gitlab userid and will add you to the base. .

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Are you among the existing contributors?

  • If yes, what’s your username (or, a summary of contributions)?
  • If no, then have you considered contributing with pull requests first?

Unless you demonstrate otherwise, you’ve not proven to be ready to take write access to repos just yet. Neither on GitHub nor GitLab.

@syam is a nice guy, so he hasn’t yet considered the implications of this, and agreed to you. Going by past experience, if we proceed with giving you write access now, nothing is stopping just about anyone else to ask for the same. We can’t say yes to everyone, cause that floods/mismanages the entire access control; and we can’t say no cause then there will be allegations of partiality/nepotism. Hope you understand.

Also, Discourse have a nice feature to fork threads out for sidetracked discussions. If you really need to focus & expand on the code repo access discussion, please consider forking a new thread, instead of continuing here on a thread which was created to serve a very different purpose.