Stylo is ready for community testing on Nightly!

You need to flip the pref layout.css.servo.enabled to true so as to use Stylo


Until now I did a restart after flipping the pref. Is this needed?

AFAIK, it is not needed but I can test later

confirmed, no need to restart the browser.

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Also, reminder to preface bugs in Bugzilla with stylo: if it is only happening with the pref enabled.

FYI there is a Shield Study going on as well.

I have even filed a bug report where I was able to use one tab without Stylo and another tab with Stylo and got different results. (I had first reproduced the bug shutting down and restarting Nightly, but that made it more difficult to get side-by-side results as well have a longer description on how to reproduce the bug.)

As far as the bug goes, it wouldn’t surprise me if Stylo’s rendering is correct in this case.
Nah, apparently I discovered a bug that was reported a month ago. :frowning:

So far so good for me, I haven’t seen any problems at all using stylo.

But also the truth is that I don’t know how a site should look like without stylo, so unless there is a major render error I won’t be able to detect it just by normal browsing.