Submitted Upper Sorbian sentences are not shown on Common Voice site

Hi, another user, Jan Budar, submitted 46 Upper Sorbian sentences, 2 of them he cancelled, so 44 Upper Sorbian strings should be shown on the Common Voice site. Upper Sorbian is shown there but the number of sentences is still 0/5000. Why the sentences are not shown on the Common Voice site?

Meanwhile I’ve registered for Upper Sorbian and Lower Sorbian.


Michael Wolf


Sentence collector validated sentences are exported weekly, you should see the counter going up in our next export and deployment next week.


Hi Ruben,

thank you for your reply.

Jan Budar wrote me that he has already submitted the sentences app. two weeks ago. Therefore he was surprised that the sentences are not shown yet.

BTW, where can I see which strings did he submitted?



I know that we haven’t done a deployment in a few weeks now since we have been on boarding a new developer.

@mbranson do we know when we did our last deployment?

@nukeador we had a deploy last week after the site downtime fixes were committed. Unsure if sentences made it into that deploy, I know we were waiting on some Italian sentences to deploy as well. Working with Riley to determine this and will respond when we have clarity – thanks for the patience y’all.

Hi Ruben, hi mbranson,

thank your for your replies.

Ok. Issues can happen. The most important is that the delicate little Sorbian plant which just begins to sprout :slight_smile: is not forgotten.

I’ve just verified the Sentence Collector part of this and we exported 43 sentences until now. That makes it a difference of 1, but it might be that this would be part of the next export.

@sorbian-team the sentences can be seen at (those are only the approved ones). Also, nice to hear from you, haven’t seen you for quite some time!

Hi Michael,

thank your for your reply.

Yes, it’s a long time ago that we met in Berlin in 2015, at a meet-up in the former Mozilla office there. It’s a long distance between Switzerland and Saxony. :slight_smile:

Fine, thank your for the link to the sentences, so I can already train reading them aloud. When the 5001st sentence will come, then … :slight_smile: