Upper Sorbian dataset download


in Upper Sorbian (hsb) we started to collect, record and validate sentences. Now we just have 1h 44m validated recordings, but to make first analysis work we would like to download the data set, but it doesn’t apear. Is there any criteria I don’t know? What’s the trigger? Thanks for any help, please also see my other topic (Restart of HSB collection).

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The dataset is generated manually by Mozilla usually every 6 months. The next one should be released as I can remember at the top of next month.

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Hi @Mte90,
thanks for your answer, so there is no way to generate it by request? Who could I ask for that?
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No it isn’t possible. I tried for Italian but because they need to plan, organize and schedule the release with announcement this is now done in this way.
If they have to handle for all the 70+ languages on CV I think that they will become crazy, also because there are some languages with hundreds of hours.

I understand, thanx. So is there a place where I can get the planned date for the update?

If all goes well today. If not, in the coming days.

June Validation Campaign: Enhance the upcoming dataset release!

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Great thanks to all, who worked on the new data release! Now we have the first upper sorbian sentences as data set, which finally enables us to start the first analysing and testing. Great!

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