[Support] Change Profile's Window Icons

This is the new support and feedback thread for Change Window Icons.


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Hey Mayken on WinXP when you have multiple profiles with different icons, do they all join togather in one group? With my method that is what happens:

Hello there, just to make sure: does this addon support Mac OS X? On Mac OS X I’m not able to browser for icon files in the setting dialog~

It didn’t work for me on OS X, these are slightly different, but they might help, they work on OS X:



Firefox-on-OS-X Label works very well and suits my need. Thanks for your help noitidar!!!

Hi Mayken, is there this same add-ons for seamonkey? Thx


I’ve been using this on aurora for a while. Recently it started working not quite as well before. When I alt+tab I often see the original blue icon flash for a split second before it’s replaced by the icon I set. Previously this didn’t happen.

The latest update exposed an issue. The icons are stored as direct paths to whichever location. And now that the addon name changed all of them are broken for all of my profiles. I expected them not breaking when if I put them in the same location as the built in ones, but I was wrong.

A more robust way would be to store a copy of every choosed icon file and store them as a relative path within the profile folder.


Recentley when I updated Firefox to versiton 48, the window icons which had been changed returned to the default ones.
Then I clicked the this add-on’s setting button in the add-on manager and the option dialog was displayed.
I usually set the value of "Number of different icons"to 7, but there was only “Icon 1:” section on the dialog.
“Icon 2:”-“Icon 7:” sections had disappeard.
In addition, even if I clicked “OK” button and “Accept Changes and Restart Firefox” button many times, there was no reaction and I had no choice but to click “Cancel” button.

This add-on is now essential for me and if I cannot use this, it’s very inconvinient. I cannot bear it.
So I’m still using Firefox47 to contine to use this add-on.

Please. Could you fix this add-on to use in Firefox 48 ?