Support for Beta Testing BugHunters

Hey all, please remember to use the form to file the issue you found in Fenix. This thread is intended to get support on the beta testing campaign, not for Fenix itself.


Instead of producing smooth gradient when the image is resized, the interpolation is anything but smooth.

Besides making images look bad when they get enlarged, this may be a problem to anyone who is using the graphics engine for data calculations.

For this problem there was a bug filed some time ago: bug1540192

test on fiddle:

source on fiddle:


Can we have a direct apk download link for devices without Google Play?


How did I not see that form before? Thank you.

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There is reader mode. Just swipe up on the skinny pill above the tab bar

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Because there’s no link to it in the app or the welcome email or anywhere.

Mozilla, I’ve been using the webcompat reporter because it’s built into the app, but I guess now that’s not what it’s for. If it’s a beta and you want people to submit bugs, why not put a “bug report” option in the menu?


I was referring to the bughunters campaign. We do communicate the report form in the campaign website as well as through the email if you RSVP in the campaign.

My welcome email (May 15) did not have it, just a link to discourse.

In any case, my misuse of webcompat is a case for having a report link in the app.