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(Konstantina Papadea) #1

If you’re currently participating in the Beta Testing BugHunter campaign - ask your questions, share your ideas and get support here.

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(Paul) #3

Is it just me or is the reader mode super inconsistent in the current GPS build?

(yoasif) #4

Catalan translation? There is interest in this and I don’t see an entry for it in Pontoon.

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(Miguel Ortiz) #5

So when I’m syncing between devices, what will it be under in my “Devices” part of my Firefox account.

Also I don’t think is working properly. I either get “unsupported” or a 500 error.

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(Alexfirefox) #6

For those of use who don’t use google services like play store, is there going to be a f-droid version this time? If not (and it’s a really big shame for a open source software), what’s the official means of download and testing?

(Kevin J. Russell) #7

Can we expect a re-addition of the option to install unsigned addons with this version? Recent events have made it clear that this option is a necessity.

(Miguel Ortiz) #8

No reader mode? Is it coming down the pipe or is it dead in the water? I like reader mode on standard firefox.

(Kenlewis0254) #9

Collections are not saving. Tried force closed the app. Collections i saved dont show.

(yoasif) #10

There are no add-ons in this version (yet!).

(Miguel Ortiz) #11

I can second this. Tried saving a Wall Street Journal Article, no dice.

(yoasif) #12

Yeah, the collections feature was inadvertently released. It shouldn’t work yet.

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It would be great if Fenix could import my current tabs from Chrome (or another browser).

(Paul) #14

Pairing with a QR Code worked fine for me.

(Paul) #15

There’s a bug filed for F-droid builds after it out of closed beta. In the meantime, it’s still available on task cluster, though without the automatic update.

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(Paul) #16

I’m confused as to the logic behind being able to share tabs from Fenix to Fenix?

(Paul) #17

If you leave Fenix on a tab on reader mode and it drops out of memory, when you return to Fenix, it and all other reader mode tabs will become about:blank and lose their memory.

(Andrei Petcu) #18

I cannot test from Google play since I don’t have a google account.
I have been using it as default browser from this location
Hope it’s the same thing :smiley:

(Paul) #19

It is indeed the exact same build.

(pedro) #20

Ok I need help. Fenix won’t sync credentials by design, having such job been assigned to Mozilla Lockbox/Lockwise, right? Where/Who do I poke if I can’t get Lockbox to work?

(Rizki Kelimutu) #21

You can put that as a suggestion in the form.