[Support] FoxyImage

(erosman) #1

Please post your support questions about FoxyImage here.

Thank you

(Voodootool) #2

I would like to have “Scrollwheel-to-Zoom” and “Mouse-Drag-to-Pan” functionality, so it could replace the “Better Image Viewer” addon. Current features are nice to have but honestly, its not enough to add more clutter to the context menu. This seems to be a general problem with Webextensions. You end with many little extensions with few functions and each adds a button or menu entry.

It could also offer features from “Double-click Image Downloader”, but i dont want to ask too much :slight_smile:

Thanks and bye

(erosman) #3

Let’s see… I will look into adding more functions to the addon.

TBH, I wrote the addon since often I came across images which required tilting the head to view in current orientation. :slight_smile:

Adding a download image feature is easy enough via ContextMenu ( I may actually build on that with more download features to replace another addon that I use often :wink: )

(erosman) #4

I have added many Download/Save/Open functions to FoxyImage in v1.1 and I am testing it at the moment. Details are listed in the addon description. :slight_smile:

(依云) #5

Would you add an option to rotate 180°?

(erosman) #6

Sure … Is it useful?

(依云) #7

Yes, some images are posted rotated that way so I need to rotate it back.

(erosman) #8

Sure … Rotate 180 Added for v1.5

(fo4URm) #9

With the F57 update i lost one addon that was really special to me. “show the image”. Could you add a shortcut to your addon that views biggest image on a page, same tab? Makes browsing images a lot more fun.

(erosman) #10

I can work on it in future updates. Are the images already available on the page or are they somewhere else and they have to be fetched?

(fo4URm) #11

Yes they are already on the page, thank you for quick response great addon & your hard work!

…usually you’d just go, rmb>view image. But this addon you just pressed control+Q anywhere on the page (just select that tab) & it would view the biggest image on that page. I assigned that shortcut to one of my mouse buttons & it was so quick and easy for multiple tabs :slight_smile:

(erosman) #12

Give me an example page and I will work on it… (later though)

(fo4URm) #13

Here’s one… There are other images, buttons & whatnots on the page, but just one large image that i wish to view. Good for artwork & photography browsing. I’m not expecting you to do it quickly, I had pretty much given up hope as the last update from that show the image addon was last decade. You have provided me with hope :slight_smile:

…I wasn’t even sure it would be possible with new extensions.

(erosman) #14

The image is already the largest possible on that page. Is there an example that shows a small image that you want it to change to larger?

(fo4URm) #15

The image is quite a lot bigger than on that page, it’s 2592x3888. It’s nice to view it in it’s actual res, or if it’s too big then shrink it down a little, view it properly. At the moment i’ve assigned rmb+i onto my mouse. Which isn’t too bad, just not as good as it was before.

(erosman) #16

The actual image size is the same… it has been scaled to fit inside the screen. You can use the normal Firefox contextmenu “View Image” to see the full size image or use FoxyImage menu “Open Image in a New Tab”

Making the image full-size in an HTML page will create a lot of scrolling.


I would like to see a one-click download. Something like I could hover the mouse over an image, and doing a CTRL-CLICK and the image would automatically download the image to a pre-determined folder. Bonus points for the option to automatically close the tab after the save.



(erosman) #18

To download a single image, I would suggest drag/drop or save as using Firefox since that would use the browser cache but download would download the image again.

WebExtension API is very limited in regards with keyboard listeners. Once that is improved, I can add all sorts of if key pressed do actions.

Close Tab is possible but again options are using preferences which would then apply to all actions or listening for keyboard keys which as mentioned above not practical at the moment.

(Wakakus) #19

Hello. Please add the ability to Reload ALL broken images. So far I only know one legacy add-on that can do this, Image Context Menu. This is a real time saver. A User might not even realize an image is broken or still hidden from plain sight until it is reloaded. This is also very helpful for those with slow internet connections which typically end up with frequent broken images. Thanks in advance.

(erosman) #20

Let me see if it is possible and if it is, I will add it.