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Thank you for your kind comment.

1- Firefox WebExtension API a the moment does have any API to recognise a Double-click AFAIK.
2- Firefox WebExtension API allows each extension to add only ONE menu and anything more will automatically be added as a submenu of that one.


Okay, I just moved “Close Duplicates” to the top as a “fix”.

(erosman) #207

There are working on a custom shortcut API. Once that is finished, maybe!! I can add an interface for the users to assign keyboard shortcuts to some of the actions.

UI for re-assigning an extension’s command shortcut

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I am working on Contianers for the next upgrade (if it works out).

I will also work on keeping ContextMenu custom changes.


having a problem with de-duplicate: for example banggood.com, if you open multiple of the same product from different links, or with different options, it will not de-duplicate because the URL after the ‘?’ is different. i would like it to succeed for urls with different options behind the ‘?’, thank you.


been using Mozilla Multi-Account Containers lately; its really more useful than i expected, so +1 on this

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Duplicate means identical.

Those pages are not identical so they are not duplicate.
However … you can try closing by Host and see if that one is suitable.

If you give me some examples, I will see.


i’d like these 3 to de-dupe to 1:


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It is possible to do something about them but then it will catch a lot of others that are not duplicates.

Many sites uses search parameter to show pages.
It is not possible to separate them.


simple option to match up to first ‘?’
[x] Dedupe match url only up to parameters
if enabled, split at ‘?’, discard right-most, then perform de-dupe using left-most

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That only works for your example sites.

Many sites use search parameter (after ? ) to show different pages.



i see… i guess it’s too rare to add a new menu item too.
thanks anyway, still the best tab addon!

(H2854446) #217

Please support switch (toggle) between previous tab and current tab.

(H2854446) #218

And support hot key to press: Cltr+Q to switch (toggle) between previous tab and current.

(H2854446) #219

I’m using Most Recent Tab (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/most-recent-tab).

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OK… I will see what can be done.

(Nick) #221

I cannot get Reload Every to work. I have mover the menu up one level so it is at the same level as Reload. If I go Reload Tab Every > 5 min nothing happens. I do not see it enabled (if I should) and the teb never reloads.

I did use another auto-reload program for a while bit have removed it. I cannot even remember what it was called.

How can I troubleshoot this.

PS sorry for the review. I only ended up there because I misunderstood the FoxyTab link at the top of this page (and suggest the link is removed).

(erosman) #222

Thank you. I will test it out and see if there is a problem.

Is the issue only with 5 minutes or all of them?

Have you tried it on different pages?

(Nick) #223

I did try different pages and it didn’t work. I mainly use it on a single forum page. The only think is that I am wondering if it is working now but I don’t have a good test page. Setting it to one minute and I can see activity. Changing it to 5min and it still seems to reload after 1min.

In the past I tried a custom reload and it seemed to continuously reload so I abandoned that.

How should I be able to see if it is enabled? I would have expected some sort of check mark in the context menu or icon on the tab

(Nick) #224

I’ve stopped the reload and restarted it at 5min and it now also appears to be working.

Do you have to stop it before selecting a new value?