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(erosman) #225

I have not written a process to deal with this situation.

I suspect setting a reload twice for the same tab, causes interference between the 2 running processes.
So, for now, use stop before changing the value.

I have now added the code to clear previous reload when setting new one and it will be in the next add-on update. :+1:

(Nick) #226

Can you also check for a memory leak? It seems that with ReloadEvery enabled, memory consumption keeps going up in Task Manager and from a stable base under 2GB rose to over 4GB and crucified Ff and slowed my system to a crawl until I killed Ff.

(erosman) #227

I have just tested it. There is no memory leak.

Reload Tab Every adds a single timeout to the tab which has insignificant memory usage.

Could it be some other process (another add-on or script on the page) that is causing the memory increase?

(Nick) #228

This is a simple observation on this page only, no other tabs open. The baseline is set without reloadevery and then I set it to 1min. These are the memory usage figures from task manager:

Baseline	498MB
Reload 1	Peak 530MB	Drops to 516MB
Reload 2	Peak 560MB	Drops to 516MB
Reload 3	Peak 564MB	Drops to 524MB
Reload 4	Peak 571MB	Drops to 528MB
Reload 5	Peak 571MB	Drops to 532MB
Reload 6	Peak 578MB	Drops to 529MB
Reload 7	Peak 575MB	Drops to 538MB
Reload 8	Peak 582MB	Drops to 548MB
Reload 9	Peak 591MB	Drops to 556MB

When I stopped reload every, it crept up to about 580MB then slowly fell back to 553MB

(erosman) #229

It doesn’t show an increase to 2gb.
Every time a page loads Firefox uses memory and CPU to reload a page. It is the same if you manually reload or load a new page (if you check Facebook, you will see how much memory & CPU it uses).

The amount of memory & CPU a page uses depends on page content. Pages with a lot of JavaScript on the page, use a lot more (like this page which is generated completely with JavaScript).

Some pages have other (nasty) JavaScript that run on unload which makes it even worse.

Finally, these issues relate to the page and not FoxyTab. The reload in FoxyTab is basically very similar to user reloading the page manually.


some nice feature would be date and time in the 3rd line of “Tab Title & URL” …

eg like this:

Tab Title Text
01.06.2017, 16:15:22

perhaps this is possible and/or configurable.


(erosman) #231

That is possible …
If there is a reasonable demand for it, I will add it.


tnx for your prompt answer!

I save such links copied with “Tab Title & URL” in my docu and after a time it would be very useful to know how old this infolink is. Have I to research it? and so on …

(erosman) #233

I understand… let’s see how many people are interested in such feature.

(Axelredna) #234

How do I close duplicate tabs? I dont see a button or anything i should click on. Or is it automatic? Cuz I opened google in 2 tabs and neither of them closed

(erosman) #235

Right Click on the Tab -> FoxyTab -> Close Duplicate Tabs

Duplicate Tabs are tabs that have the same URL

If you want to close All www.google.com tabs, then use Host submenu

(Juhani Goga) #236

hello! thanks for addon!
is it posible to add option to apply tab actions (close duplicates, host, sort etc.) only for visible tabs to not mess tabs in other (hidden) group (for tab groups, panorama etc. users).

(erosman) #237

How have they become hidden? Was that by another add-on?

(Juhani Goga) #238

yes. addons like panorama view to group tabs use tab hide api. and if i use FoxyTab in one group it affects other groups

(erosman) #239

The groups are only created by the add-on not by Firefox so other add-ons wont be aware of them and wont have access to its data.
Panorama View is set as compatible with FF59 although tabs.hide() wont run on FF59 or FF60. :thinking:

tabs.hide() has been introduced in Firefox 61 and I plan to incorporate Tab Hiding features in future upgrades to FoxyTab.

(Juhani Goga) #240

ok. i get it

good luck with that! thank you very much! :+1:


Are you going to support multiple tab operations when firefox beta 63 comes out? (example reload all the selected tabs move all the selected tabs, duplicate all the selected tabs etc)

(Firefox 63 is supporting natively to select more than one tab and do some basic operations like closing re arranging and maybe more using control + click and shift + click)

(erosman) #242

Sure… I have to see how the selected tabs data is available.

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I noticed that it’s available already on firefox 62 beta. You need to enable or create the boolean browser.tabs.multiselect and set it to true.

(erosman) #244

I am waiting for the documentation. I tested it (I am on FF63 nightly). I really need to know if there is a context for it for the context-menu so it wont appear when multiple tabs are not selected (the same way Firefox menu is doing it).

Filled a bug: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1484694

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