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Hi. I’ve downloaded and installed this add-on on the Firefox browser on my Android smartphone but I can’t figure out how to use it?

It shows up on the list of installed add-ons in the browser but beyond that I don’t know how to use it!

How do you use this add-on on the Firefox browser on Android smartphones?

Please help!

Thanks in advance!

(erosman) #186

Then it wont animate. I tried 0.5s and it wasn’t that good. I will reduce it back to 0.7s

I didnt think an exact for second for LONG interval would be practical. Who would want to set an interval of 30 minutes and 12 seconds?

Sadly, FoxyTab doesn’t work on Android (lack of API). I disable compatibility with Android but it keeps on coming back.

I am sorry for the inconvenience.

(YFdyh000) #187

I mean, it does not state its time unit, it’s just a 10.

I prefer it to ask the reload time with prompt on the page rather than setting a fixed time in the options.

(erosman) #188

I see… it is in the help and the rest are also in minutes, that is why it starts from 6 since 1-5 is already in the context-menu.

That is possible but you know the problem of inserting prompt via tabs.executeScript() (doesnt work everywhere and we end of with users complaining why it doesnt) and panel type window doest work when I tested.


New version made all menu settings reset was that expected behavior?

(erosman) #190

Sadly yes … Once new context-menu items are added, due to the nature of customisable context0menu, I didnt find a quick and reliable way to keep all the changes in the context-menu, so in this instance, the context-menu preferences are reverted to default.

In future, I will try to find a way to keep user context-menu preference, if new items are added.


I’m trying to use FoxyTab on FF 58.0.1 on Win7 Pro x64 with Tab Session Manager and Tree Style Tab (the only add-ons I’ve installed so far in FF 58). I’ve installed and configured FT twice, but the menu never shows up on the tab context menu.

Is there a known conflict with either TSM or TST? If so, is there a work-around?

(erosman) #192

Tab Session Manager is similar and what it shows are just a list. FoxyTab is set to show on the actual Tab flap on the Tab Strip.


Thanks again for your hard work on this addon. One additional feedback, when closing left tabs, it always prompts me, even if I have prompting disabled in FF.

(erosman) #194

Thank you for kind comment.

The prompt is built-in into the add-on and has nothing to do with Firefox preferences. It is there to avoid accidental closing of many tabs which can happen if the wrong menu is clicked. It is the same behaviour as Firefox’s built-in “Close Tabs to the Right”. Have you disabled that? Where?


First, I apologize if I’m not posting in the correct thread.

I’m having trouble with FoxyTab. Prior to about 4 hours ago, FoxyTab functions were showing up in the Firefox context menu. My version of FF is 58.0.2 (64-bit). I needed to reboot, but after doing so FoxyTab’s context menu items are no longer showing up.

I’m testing a number of tab managers, so maybe there’s a conflict with one of them? Although, FoxyTab has been running perfectly alongside the other tab manager addons I have perfectly since I first installed it.

Just in case, I’m running these addons:

  • AdBlocker Ultimate
  • Chrome Store Foxified
  • Clear Cache
  • ColorZilla
  • Dashlane
  • Double-click Image Downloader
  • Download Sound
  • Fast Image Blocker
  • Find Your Tab
  • FoxyTab
  • Google Translator for Firefox
  • Kaspersky Protection
  • OneTab (works great in Chrome - not so hot in FF)
  • Search Multi Tabs
  • Stylish
  • Tab Session Manager
  • Tab Suspender
  • uBlock Origin
  • View Image


(erosman) #196

No problem :slight_smile:

WebExtensions should not have any conflict with each other.

Try uninstalling and reinstalling FoxyTab and see.
Can you post a screenshot of the Tab context-menu?


Thanks for responding @erosman. Uninstalling and reinstalling FoxyTab worked!

Here’s a screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/roMByLW.jpg

Thanks very much for you work and your help!!

(Troy) #198

I have Tree Style Tab installed as well with the upper tab bar hidden. Can FoxyTab be added to the context menu when right clicking on the page itself? It’s sort of useless with TST (I’ll keep TST, way more horizontal room than vertical without it!).

Tree Style Tab has context menus in both the tab tree click and in the click on page context menu. I cannot find any foxytab options in either place, only the add on badge/counter at top.

Is there a workaround I need to do to get it to show up on a right click in ‘content area’ of page, such as middle of screen, be in the menu there?

(erosman) #199

This has been asked before. The Tabs you see on new TST are not tabs. There are simply a list. They don’t have a tab context and the data that actual tabs have, for FoxyTab to work on them.


Hi, is it possible to have similar functionality as in Tab Badge extension? Is there any WebExtensions API to modify the icons of individual tabs based on its title?
If not, maybe having a button with number on toolbar for defined sites/tabs?

(erosman) #201

I don’t recall seeing an API to add badges to tabs in WebExtension API.

The icon of a Tab is the favicon and comes from the page. Again, I don’t recall seeing an API to change tab favicon in WebExtension API.

There “might” be an API to allow styling tabs individually as in Allow styling individual tabs

Once that is done, it will be added to FoxyTab.

In WE, add-ons can only have ONE toolbar button and that is already used and shows the Tab count.

Firefox has a built-in web-site notification system and if site has them (like Facebook, Yahoo etc) and that is allowed by the user, a marker appears on the tab which might be useful to you.

(Troy) #202

I understand the window for TST are virtual tabs. My question was could FoxyTabs be added to the context menu when clicking in the page display area? Tree Style Tab puts options there (same menu as view source, search tool / context addons, forward, back, other addon menus, etc), the way the TreeStyleTab menu is added in the context menu. I was hoping FoxyTab could also add their menu that pops up on the tab bar to also pop up on the context menu so it would work when the upper tab bar is hidden.

(erosman) #203

Each context-menu receives data from Firefox that add-ons use for their operation.

The data that is given to the content-menu on clicking tab, relates to Tab (such as ID, index etc). These are not available when clicking on the page, and vice versa, data given to page context-menu is not available when clicking the tab.

Some of them (not all) can be generated manually but that adds a lot of resources usage.


FoxyTab is just AWESOME! Thank you. Could we have an option to double-click the tab to execute an action, for example de-duplicate? -OR- Could we have the option to add an action to the default tab context menu?